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Di heldn fun Santiago, oder, Patriotizmus un liebe

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Yiddish theater placards

New York Yiddish theater placards.

Dates / Origin
Date Created: January 20-22, 1899
Publisher: Thalia Theatre
Library locations
Dorot Jewish Division
Shelf locator: **P (Theater Collection)
Shelf locator: **P (Theater placard 63)
Jewish arts
Content: Partial translation: 'Historical drama in four acts by Professor Horowitz, with singing, dancing, and fabulous scenery. Music by Sigmund Mogulesco. The name of Professor Horowitz is in itself a guarantee that this piece will be a triumph. The action takes place in New York after the heroes have returned from Santiago. Esther Ashkenazi, a penniless Jewish girl, hears that her beloved Willie, who had left for Cuba as a Jewish volunteer to fight for his new fatherland, has gone down with the ship 'Merrimac,' commanded by the heroic [Richmond Pearson] Hobson. With nobody left to love except her poor parents, Esther is away from home struggling to find the means to try and save the life of her consumptive mother when the adored Willie reappears. He misinterprets her absence as betrayal and a new kind of war is declared. In this production you will see many wondrous things, among them Cervera blockaded, Hobson and his heroes wiping out the Spanish fleet, and the patriotism of the Jewish girls who went to war as nurses. The play presents a vivid picture of Jewish life on New York's East Side and features many patriotic songs translated into Yiddish.'
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