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The Jane Porter Papers in the Carl H. Pforzheimer Collection of Shelley and His Circle at the New York Public Library. Chiefly made up of letters to Jane Porter, Robert Ker Porter, and Anna Maria Porter, from hundreds of correspondents, including a number of prominent literary and political figures. Many items bear Jane Porter's annotations. Once part of the much larger and now dispersed collection of Porter family papers owned by Sir Thomas Phillipps.
Aberdeen, George Hamilton Gordon, Earl of, 1784-1860 (Addressee)
Ackermann, Rudolph, 1764-1834 (Correspondent)
Adamson, John, 1787-1855 (Correspondent)
Addington, Henry Unwin, -1870 (Correspondent)
Aikin, John, 1747-1822 (Correspondent)
Albemarle, Charlotte Keppel, Countess of, 1774-1862 (Correspondent)
Albemarle, William Charles Keppel, Earl of, 1772-1849 (Correspondent)
Aldrich, John Cobbold, 1807-1874 (Correspondent)
Alexander I, Emperor of Russia, 1777-1825 (Addressee)
Alexander, James Edward, Sir, 1803-1885 (Correspondent)
Allen, William, 1770-1843 (Correspondent)
Alopeus, Maximilian von, 1748-1822 (Correspondent)
Amherst of Arracan, William Pitt Amherst, Earl, 1773-1857 (Correspondent)
Angelo, Henry, 1756-1835 (Correspondent)
Ansley, John, 1774-1845 (Correspondent)
Anson, George Edward, 1812-1849 (Correspondent)
Arbuthnot, G. (George), 1802-1865 (Addressee)
Aspland, Robert Brook, 1805-1869 (Correspondent)
Bagot, Charles, 1781-1843 (Correspondent)
Bannister, John, 1760-1836 (Correspondent)
Barnard, Anne Lindsay, Lady, 1750-1825 (Addressee)
Baron-Wilson, Cornwell, Mrs., 1797-1846 (Correspondent)
Bartley, George, 1782-1858 (Correspondent)
Bartley, Sarah, 1783-1850 (Correspondent)
Bayfield, Henry Wolsey, 1795-1885 (Correspondent)
Bayley, Daniel, Sir, 1766-1834 (Correspondent)
Bayley, Edward Clive, 1776-1841 (Correspondent)
Bayly, Thomas Haynes, 1797-1839 (Correspondent)
Beatty, William, -1842 (Correspondent)
Beaufort, Emily Frances Somerset, Duchess of, 1800-1889 (Correspondent)
Bedford, Anna Russell, Duchess of, 1783-1857 (Correspondent)
Belzoni, Mrs. (Sarah), 1783-1870 (Correspondent)
Benger, E. (Elizabeth), 1778-1827 (Correspondent)
Bennett, Edward Turner, 1797-1836 (Correspondent)
Bentley, Richard, 1794-1871 (Correspondent)
Beresford, George, Lady, 1786-1860 (Correspondent)
Bergne, John Brodribb, 1800-1873 (Addressee)
Blomfield, Charles James, 1786-1857 (Correspondent)
Bloomfield, Benjamin Bloomfield, Baron, 1768-1846 (Correspondent)
Bloomfield, John Arthur Douglas Bloomfield, Baron, 1802-1879 (Correspondent)
Bonney, Francis Augustus Burdett, 1804-1877 (Correspondent)
Booker, John, 1820?-1895 (Correspondent)
Booth, Sarah, -1851 (Addressee)
Bowdler, H. M. (Henrietta Maria), 1750-1830 (Correspondent)
Bowring, John, 1792-1872 (Correspondent)
Brackenbury, John MacPherson, 1778-1847 (Correspondent)
Braham, John, 1774-1856 (Correspondent)
Briggs, John, 1785-1875 (Correspondent)
Broglie, Albertine de Staël, duchesse de, 1797-1838 (Correspondent)
Brougham and Vaux, Henry Brougham, Baron, 1778-1868 (Correspondent)
Broughton, Brian, 1767?-1839 (Correspondent)
Brown, Thomas, 1778-1869 (Correspondent)
Brunnow, Philipp von, 1797-1875 (Correspondent)
Brydges, Egerton, Sir, 1762-1837 (Correspondent)
Brydges, Mary, -1844 (Correspondent)
Bucke, Charles, 1781-1846 (Correspondent)
Buckingham, James Silk, 1786-1855 (Correspondent)
Burdett, Francis, 1770-1844 (Addressee)
Burke, Edmund, 1729-1797 (Correspondent)
Burnes, Alexander, Sir, 1805-1841 (Correspondent)
Bury, Charlotte Campbell, Lady, 1775-1861 (Correspondent)
Buxton, Elizabeth, 1804 or 1805-1884 (Correspondent)
Campbell, Frederick William, 1782-1846 (Addressee)
Campbell, James, Sir, 1773?-1835 (Correspondent)
Canning, George, 1770-1827 (Correspondent)
Canning, Harriet, 1791-1817 (Correspondent)
Castlereagh, Robert Stewart, Viscount, 1769-1822 (Correspondent)
Cathcart, Elizabeth Cathcart, Countess, -1847 (Correspondent)
Cathcart, William Schaw Cathcart, Earl, 1755-1843 (Correspondent)
Charleville, Catherine Maria Bury, Countess, 1762-1851 (Correspondent)
Cholmondeley, George James Cholmondeley, Marquess of, 1749-1827 (Correspondent)
Cholmondeley, Susan Caroline Cholmondeley, Marchioness of, 1804-1886 (Correspondent)
Chorley, Henry Fothergill, 1808-1872 (Correspondent)
Chrishop, Christopher (Correspondent)
Churchill, John Spriggs Morss, 1801-1875 (Addressee)
Clarendon, Katherine Villiers, Countess of, 1810-1874 (Correspondent)
Clarke, Benjamin Strettell, 1823-1895 (Correspondent)
Clarke, James Stanier, 1765?-1834 (Correspondent)
Clifford, Mary Aloysia Austin, 1770-1844 (Correspondent)
Clitherow, Jane, 1770-1847 (Correspondent)
Clive, Robert Henry, 1789-1854 (Correspondent)
Coleridge, William Hart, 1789-1849 (Correspondent)
Collard, Fredrick William, 1772?-1860 (Correspondent)
Colnaghi, Dominic Charles, 1790-1879 (Addressee)
Colnaghi, Paul, 1751-1833 (Correspondent)
Colpoys, John, Sir, 1742?-1821 (Correspondent)
Condé, Louis-Henri-Joseph de Bourbon, prince de, 1756-1830 (Correspondent)
Cork, Mary Boyle, Countess of, 1746-1840 (Correspondent)
Cornwallis, Julia Mann, Countess of, 1810?-1847 (Correspondent)
Cottenham, Charles Christopher Pepys, Earl of, 1781-1851 (Correspondent)
Courtier, Peter L., 1776- (Correspondent)
Craven, Elizabeth, 1750-1828 (Addressee)
Cullen, William, 1710-1790 (Correspondent)
D'Este, Augustus Frederick, 1794-1848 (Correspondent)
Dalrymple-Horn-Elphinstone, Robert, Sir, 1766-1848 (Correspondent)
Davenport, Selina, 1779-1859 (Addressee)
Davy, Humphry, Sir, 1778-1829 (Correspondent)
De Camp, Adelaide, 1780-1834 (Correspondent)
De L'Isle and Dudley, Sophia Sidney, Baroness, 1795-1837 (Correspondent)
De Ros, Lady (Georgiana), 1795-1891 (Correspondent)
Denham, Dixon, 1786-1828 (Addressee)
Denham, John Charles, 1778-1867 (Correspondent)
Denny, Edward, 1796-1889 (Correspondent)
Dmitriev-Mamonov, Matveĭ Aleksandrovich, 1790-1863 (Correspondent)
Dodd, Philip Stanhope, 1775-1852 (Correspondent)
Douglas, John, Sir, -1814 (Correspondent)
Downes, Henry, 1790 or 1791-1857 (Correspondent)
Doyle, Charles William, 1770-1842 (Addressee)
Doyle, John, Sir, 1750?-1834 (Correspondent)
Drummond, Edward, 1792-1843 (Correspondent)
Du Thon, Adèle (Correspondent)
Dugdale, William Stratford, 1800-1871 (Correspondent)
Dundas, Henry, 1742-1811 (Correspondent)
Dundonald, Thomas Cochrane, Earl of, 1775-1860 (Correspondent)
Eden, Frederick Morton, Sir, 1766-1809 (Correspondent)
Elliot, Robert James, -1849 (Correspondent)
Elphinstone, John Elphinstone, Baron, 1807-1860 (Correspondent)
Errington, Julia, -1859 (Correspondent)
Errington, Rowland, Sir, 1809-1875 (Correspondent)
Faber, George Stanley, 1773-1854 (Correspondent)
Fay, Theodore S. (Theodore Sedgwick), 1807-1898 (Correspondent)
Fearon, Christopher Augustus, 1788-1866 (Correspondent)
Fenwick, E. (Eliza) (Correspondent)
Fernández de Madrid, José Luis Alvaro Alvino, 1789-1830 (Correspondent)
Feuchères, Adrien Victor de Feuchères, baron de, 1785-1857 (Correspondent)
Feuchères, Sophie Dawes, baronne de, 1790?-1840 (Correspondent)
Filipowicz, Elise, 1794-1841 (Correspondent)
Fitzgerald, Sophia, Lady, 1762-1845 (Correspondent)
Fitzmaurice, Frances Maria, -1877 (Correspondent)
Fitzmaurice, John, 1793-1865 (Correspondent)
Fitzroy, Georgiana, 1789-1861 (Correspondent)
FitzRoy, William, 1782-1857 (Correspondent)
Fleming, J. Wilmington, -1839 (Correspondent)
Forbes, Charles, Sir, 1773-1849 (Correspondent)
Forshall, Josiah, 1795-1863 (Addressee)
Foss, Edward, 1787-1870 (Correspondent)
Fox, Joseph, 1776-1816 (Correspondent)
Fox, Mary, Lady, 1798-1864 (Correspondent)
Fraser, James, -1841 (Correspondent)
Frederick Augustus, Prince, Duke of York and Albany, 1763-1827 (Correspondent)
Frederick I, King of Württemberg, 1754-1816 (Addressee)
Gardiner, Lady (Caroline Mary), 1784?-1876 (Correspondent)
Gardiner, Robert, Sir, 1781-1864 (Correspondent)
Garratt, John, 1786-1859 (Correspondent)
Gillies, R. P. (Robert Pearse), 1788-1858 (Correspondent)
Gladstone, W. E. (William Ewart), 1809-1898 (Correspondent)
Goddard, Charles, 1770?-1848 (Addressee)
Goldsmid, Jesse, -1836 (Correspondent)
Golit︠s︡yn, Aleksandr Nikolaevich, kni︠a︡zʹ, 1773-1844 (Correspondent)
Gordon, Adam, Sir, 1748 or 1749-1817 (Correspondent)
Gordon, William, Lord, 1744-1823 (Correspondent)
Goulburn, Henry, 1784-1856 (Correspondent)
Gray, Charles, 1799-1854 (Correspondent)
Gray, Elizabeth Caroline Johnstone, 1800-1887 (Correspondent)
Gunning, Miss (Elizabeth), 1769-1823 (Addressee)
Gunning, Mrs. (Susannah), 1740?-1800 (Correspondent)
Gustav IV Adolf, King of Sweden, 1778-1837 (Correspondent)
Haberfield, John Kerle, 1785-1857 (Addressee)
Hague, Charles, 1769-1821 (Correspondent)
Halford, Henry, 1766-1844 (Correspondent)
Halford, Lady (Elizabeth Barbara), 1762-1833 (Correspondent)
Hall, Jessy Stuart, -1847 (Correspondent)
Hall, S. C. (Samuel Carter), 1800-1889 (Correspondent)
Hall, S. C., Mrs., 1800-1881 (Correspondent)
Halliday, Andrew, Sir, 1781-1839 (Addressee)
Halsted, Caroline A. (Caroline Amelia), 1803 or 1804-1848 (Correspondent)
Hamilton, Alexander Hamilton Douglas, Duke of, 1767-1852 (Correspondent)
Hamilton, Anne, Lady, 1766-1846 (Correspondent)
Hamlyn-Williams, Lady (Diana Anne), 1766-1849 (Correspondent)
Hampden, John Hampden-Trevor, Viscount, 1748-1824 (Correspondent)
Harbin, Wadham, 1797-1870 (Correspondent)
Harral, Thomas, -1853 (Correspondent)
Harrington, Charles Stanhope, Earl of, 1753-1829 (Correspondent)
Harrington, Jane Stanhope, Countess of, 1755-1824 (Addressee)
Harris, George Harris, Baron, 1746-1829 (Correspondent)
Harris, Henry, -1839 (Correspondent)
Harris, Thomas, -1820 (Correspondent)
Hawkins, Francis, 1794-1877 (Correspondent)
Hayley, William, 1745-1820 (Correspondent)
Hayward, A. (Abraham), 1801-1884 (Correspondent)
Head, John, Sir, 1773-1838 (Addressee)
Henderson, James, 1783?-1848 (Correspondent)
Hindmarsh, Isabella, 1798-1823 (Correspondent)
Hogg, James Weir, Sir, 1790-1876 (Correspondent)
Hole, Wilhelmina, -1838 (Correspondent)
Holford, Miss (Margaret), 1778-1852 (Addressee)
Home, Cospatrick Alexander Douglas-Home, Earl of, 1799-1881 (Correspondent)
Howe, Richard William Penn Curzon-Howe, Earl, 1796-1870 (Correspondent)
Howley, Mary Frances, 1782 or 1783-1860 (Correspondent)
Howley, William, 1766-1848 (Correspondent)
Humboldt, Alexander von, 1769-1859 (Correspondent)
Hummelauer, Karl, -1874 (Correspondent)
Hurst, Daniel, -1870 (Correspondent)
Inglis, Robert Harry, Sir, 1786-1855 (Addressee)
Jelf, R. W. (Richard William), 1798-1871 (Correspondent)
Jerdan, William, 1782-1869 (Correspondent)
Jerningham, Mr. (Edward), 1737?-1812 (Correspondent)
Johnson, James, 1777-1845 (Correspondent)
Johnson, Joseph, 1738-1809 (Correspondent)
Johnstone, James, 1801-1888 (Correspondent)
Jordan, Dorothy, 1761-1816 (Correspondent)
Karamzin, Sophia, 1802-1856 (Correspondent)
Kean, Edmund, 1787-1833 (Addressee)
Kean, Mary, 1779-1849 (Addressee)
Kearsley, Thomas, active 1792-1801 (Correspondent)
Keith, Alexander, 1791-1880 (Correspondent)
Kelly, Eleanor King, 1761 or 1762-1835 (Correspondent)
Kelsall, Charles, 1782-1857 (Correspondent)
Kemble, Charles, 1775-1854 (Correspondent)
Kemble, Fanny, 1809-1893 (Correspondent)
Kemble, Marie Thérèse, 1774-1838 (Correspondent)
Kendall, Edward Augustus, 1776?-1842 (Correspondent)
Kirwan, A. V. (Andrew Valentine), 1804-1870 (Correspondent)
Klingemann, Karl, 1798-1862 (Correspondent)
Knighton, William, Sir, 1776-1836 (Correspondent)
Knowles, James Sheridan, 1784-1862 (Correspondent)
Krasinski, Valerian, Count, approximately 1780-1855 (Correspondent)
Lamb, Caroline, Lady, 1785-1828 (Correspondent)
Lamb, George, 1784-1834 (Addressee)
Landseer, John, 1769-1852 (Correspondent)
Langlès, L. (Louis), 1763-1824 (Correspondent)
Latto, Thomas Carstairs, 1818-1894 (Correspondent)
Laurie, Peter, Sir, 1778-1861 (Addressee)
Lefanu, Alicia, active 1812-1826 (Correspondent)
Leighton, James Boniface, Sir, 1769-1843 (Correspondent)
Lempriere, William, -1834 (Correspondent)
Lettsom, John Coakley, 1744-1815 (Correspondent)
Lewis, M. G. (Matthew Gregory), 1775-1818 (Correspondent)
Lewis, Theresa, Lady, 1803-1865 (Correspondent)
Lewis, William Thomas, 1746?-1812 (Correspondent)
Lieven, Christopher Henry von, Prince, 1774-1839 (Correspondent)
Liston, Robert, 1794-1847 (Correspondent)
Liston, Robert, Sir, 1742-1836 (Correspondent)
Lockwood, Julia, Lady, 1800?-1891 (Correspondent)
Loddiges, George, 1786-1846 (Correspondent)
Longman, Louisa, 1803-1870 (Correspondent)
Longman, Thomas Norton, 1771-1842 (Addressee)
Longman, Thomas, 1804-1879 (Addressee)
Loudon, Mrs. (Jane), 1807-1858 (Correspondent)
Lynedoch, Thomas Graham, Baron, 1748-1843 (Correspondent)
Macdonald, John, Sir, -1850 (Correspondent)
Macdonald, Lady (Dora), 1789-1854 (Correspondent)
Mackenzie, E. (Eneas), 1778-1832 (Correspondent)
Mackenzie, R. Shelton (Robert Shelton), 1809-1880 (Correspondent)
Mackinnon, Daniel, 1791-1836 (Correspondent)
Mackinnon, William Alexander, 1789-1870 (Addressee)
Mackintosh, James, Sir, 1765-1832 (Correspondent)
Mackintosh, Lady (Catherine), 1765-1830 (Correspondent)
Macmichael, William, 1783-1839 (Correspondent)
Malcolm, John, 1769-1833 (Addressee)
Manners, John, approximately 1768-1837 (Correspondent)
Mansfield, Frederica Murray, Countess, 1774-1860 (Correspondent)
Mark, William, 1782-1849 (Correspondent)
Marlay, C. Louisa, 1796-1882 (Correspondent)
Marsh, Marianne, 1774-1844 (Correspondent)
Martin, Harriet, -1846 (Correspondent)
Martin, Richard, 1754-1834 (Correspondent)
Maxwell, Lady (Catherine Cameron), -1866 (Correspondent)
McCreery, John, 1768-1832 (Correspondent)
McNeile, Hugh, 1795-1879 (Correspondent)
Mocatta, Elias, 1798-1881 (Addressee)
Monk, James Henry, 1784-1856 (Correspondent)
Montesquieu, Marianna de Secondat, baroness de, -1835 (Correspondent)
Moore, Peter, 1753-1828 (Addressee)
Moore, Thomas, 1779-1852 (Correspondent)
Moreau, Eugénie, 1781-1821 (Correspondent)
Morgan, Elizabeth, 1800 or 1801-1866 (Addressee)
Morgan, Lady (Sydney), 1783-1859 (Addressee)
Morgan, Thomas, 1786-1862 (Correspondent)
Morritt, John B. S. (John Bacon Sawrey), 1772?-1843 (Correspondent)
Mount Edgcumbe, Richard Edgcumbe, Earl of, 1764-1839 (Correspondent)
Munster, George Augustus Frederick FitzClarence, Earl of, 1794-1842 (Correspondent)
Murchison, Charlotte, 1788-1869 (Correspondent)
Murchison, Roderick Impey, Sir, 1792-1871 (Addressee)
Murray, John, 1778-1843 (Addressee)
Mushet, Agnes, 1768 or 1769-1854 (Correspondent)
Napier, Charles James, 1782-1853 (Correspondent)
Napier, Frances, 1785-1857 (Correspondent)
Nesselrode, Karl Robert, Graf von, 1780-1862 (Correspondent)
Newcastle, Anna Maria Craufurd, Duchess of, 1760?-1834 (Addressee)
Nicolas, Nicholas Harris, Sir, 1799-1848 (Correspondent)
Noehden, Georg Heinrich, 1770-1826 (Correspondent)
Northumberland, Algernon Percy, Duke of, 1792-1865 (Correspondent)
O'Keeffe, Adelaide, 1776-1865 (Correspondent)
O'Kelly, Charles Andrew, -1827 (Correspondent)
O'Neill, Eliza, 1791-1872 (Correspondent)
Olenin, A. N. (Alekseĭ Nikolaevich), 1763-1843 (Correspondent)
Orford, Horatio Walpole, Earl of, 1783-1858 (Correspondent)
Orme, Cosmo, 1780-1859 (Addressee)
Oswald, Lillias, Lady, -1845 (Correspondent)
Ouseley, Gore, Sir, 1770-1844 (Correspondent)
Palmerston, Henry John Temple, Viscount, 1784-1865 (Correspondent)
Pardoe, Miss (Julia), 1804?-1862 (Correspondent)
Peel, Robert, 1788-1850 (Addressee)
Pepys, William Weller, Sir, 1740-1825 (Correspondent)
Pettigrew, Thomas Joseph, 1791-1865 (Correspondent)
Philippart, John, 1784?-1875 (Addressee)
Phillipps, Thomas, Sir, 1792-1872 (Former owner)
Phillips, R. (Richard), Sir, 1767-1840 (Correspondent)
Pickersgill, Henry William, 1782-1875 (Correspondent)
Planché, J. R. (James Robinson), 1796-1880 (Correspondent)
Planta, Joseph, 1787-1847 (Correspondent)
Plumptre, Anne, 1760-1818 (Correspondent)
Ponsonby-Fane, Spencer Cecil Brabazon, 1824-1915 (Correspondent)
Porter, Anna Maria, 1778-1832 (Addressee)
Porter, Jane, 1776-1850 (Addressee)
Porter, Mrs. (Jane), 1745-1831 (Addressee)
Porter, Robert Ker, Sir, 1777-1842 (Addressee)
Porter, William Ogilvie, 1774-1850 (Addressee)
Porteus, Beilby, 1731-1809 (Correspondent)
Radstock, William Waldegrave, Baron, 1753-1825 (Correspondent)
Rae, Alexander, 1782-1820 (Correspondent)
Raikes, Charlotte Finch, 1779-1854 (Correspondent)
Raikes, Henry, 1782-1854 (Correspondent)
Rees, Owen, 1770-1837 (Addressee)
Rees, Thomas, 1777-1864 (Correspondent)
Relfe, Lupton, active 1822-1830 (Correspondent)
Repington, Charles Edward, 1755-1837 (Correspondent)
Reynolds, Samuel William, 1773-1835 (Correspondent)
Rich, Mary Mackintosh, 1789-1876 (Correspondent)
Richmond and Lennox, Charlotte Gordon, Duchess of, 1768-1842 (Correspondent)
Robinson, Mary, 1758-1800 (Correspondent)
Rolleston, Henry, 1786 or 1787-1834 (Correspondent)
Roxburghe, John Ker, Duke of, 1740-1804 (Correspondent)
Runckel, Johann Friedrich (Correspondent)
Russell, John Russell, Earl, 1792-1878 (Correspondent)
Sabine, Joseph, 1770-1837 (Correspondent)
Sargant, J. A. (Jane Alice) (Correspondent)
Satoore, Saith, -1842 (Correspondent)
Saumarez, James, 1757-1836 (Correspondent)
Scovell, George, 1774-1861 (Correspondent)
Sharp, John, 1722 or 1723-1792 (Correspondent)
Shee, George Archer (Correspondent)
Shee, Martin Archer, 1769-1850 (Correspondent)
Sherer, Moyle, 1789-1869 (Correspondent)
Sidney, Thomas, 1681-1729 (Correspondent)
Simpkinson, Lady (Mary), -1854 (Correspondent)
Sinclair, John, 1797-1875 (Addressee)
Singleton, Thomas, 1783-1842 (Correspondent)
Skeffington, Lumley St. George, Sir, 1771-1850 (Correspondent)
Skinner, Mary, -1855 (Correspondent)
Skinner, Mary,-1855 (Addressee)
Smirnov, I︠A︡kov Ivanovich, 1759-1840 (Addressee)
Smith, Horace, 1779-1849 (Correspondent)
Smith, James, 1775-1839 (Correspondent)
Smith, John Spencer, 1769-1845 (Correspondent)
Smith, Sydney, 1771-1845 (Correspondent)
Smith, W. Sidney (William Sidney), Sir, 1764-1840 (Correspondent)
Smyth, W. H. (William Henry), 1788-1865 (Correspondent)
Sotheby, William, 1757-1833 (Correspondent)
Soublette, Carlos, 1789-1870 (Correspondent)
Southey, Robert, 1774-1843 (Correspondent)
Spence, Elizabeth Isabella, 1768-1832 (Correspondent)
Spicer, Hannah Maria Theresa, 1797-1863 (Addressee)
Spicer, Philip Thomas, 1818-1837 (Correspondent)
St. Albans, Harriot Mellon, Duchess of, 1777?-1837 (Correspondent)
Stace, Elizabeth Kelly, 1810-1852 (Correspondent)
Staël, Madame de (Anne-Louise-Germaine), 1766-1817 (Correspondent)
Starhemberg, Ludwig, Fürst, 1762-1833 (Correspondent)
Staunton, George Thomas, Sir, 1781-1859 (Correspondent)
Stawiarski, Franciszek (Correspondent)
Stedingk, Curt von, 1746-1837 (Correspondent)
Stierneld, Gustaf Nils Algernon Adolph, Baron, 1791-1868 (Correspondent)
Stockdale, Percival, 1736-1811 (Addressee)
Stockmar, Christian Friedrich, Freiherr von, 1787-1863 (Correspondent)
Stokes, Whitley, 1763-1845 (Correspondent)
Strangford, Percy Clinton Sydney Smythe, Viscount, 1780-1855 (Correspondent)
Strauss, David Friedrich, 1808-1874 (Correspondent)
Streatfeild, Thomas, 1777-1848 (Correspondent)
Strickland, Agnes, 1796-1874 (Correspondent)
Stroganov, Grigoriĭ Aleksandrovich, graf, 1770-1857 (Correspondent)
Stuart, Dudley, Lord, 1803-1854 (Correspondent)
Stuart, James, Sir, 1780-1853 (Addressee)
Sudlow, John, 1753 or 1754-1830 (Correspondent)
Sumner, John Bird, 1780-1862 (Correspondent)
Swifte, Edmund Lenthal, 1777-1875 (Correspondent)
Taylor, Herbert, Sir, 1775-1839 (Correspondent)
Taylor, John, 1757-1832 (Addressee)
Taylor, Mary, Lady, 1782-1843 (Correspondent)
Taylor, Wilbraham (Correspondent)
Tennent, James Emerson, Sir, 1804-1869 (Addressee)
Tennent, Letitia Emerson (Correspondent)
Thatcher, Susan Minot, 1796-1864 (Correspondent)
Thomas, Millecent, 1763 or 1764-1831 (Correspondent)
Thomson, William, 1746-1817 (Correspondent)
Thornton, Edward, Sir, 1766-1852 (Correspondent)
Throckmorton, Charles, Sir, 1757-1840 (Correspondent)
Throckmorton, Lady (Elizabeth), -1850 (Correspondent)
Thurlow, Edward Hovell-Thurlow, Baron, 1781-1829 (Correspondent)
Tickell, E. A. (Miss) (Addressee)
Tonna, Lewis H. J. (Lewis Hippolytus Joseph), 1812-1857 (Correspondent)
Tovar, Rosa Galindo de, 1780-1860 (Correspondent)
Townshend, Chauncy Hare, 1798-1868 (Correspondent)
Trembicka, Françoise (Addressee)
Trollope, George, 1802-1864 (Correspondent)
Turner, Sharon, 1768-1847 (Correspondent)
Turner, Tomkyns Hilgrove, Sir, approximately 1766-1843 (Correspondent)
Tyrconnel, John Delavel Carpenter, Earl of, 1790-1853 (Correspondent)
Utterson, Sarah Elizabeth, 1781-1851 (Correspondent)
Vail, Aaron, 1796-1878 (Correspondent)
Vail, Emilie, 1816 or 1817-1860 (Correspondent)
Valpy, Abraham John, 1787-1854 (Correspondent)
Van Dyk, Harry Stoe, 1798-1828 (Correspondent)
Vansittart, Nicholas, 1766-1851 (Correspondent)
Vaughan, Charles Richard, 1774-1849 (Correspondent)
Ventouillac, L. T., 1798- (Correspondent)
Vernon, Caroline, 1751-1829 (Correspondent)
Vigors, N. A. (Nicholas Aylward), 1785-1840 (Correspondent)
Villiers, George, 1759-1827 (Correspondent)
Virtue, George Henry, -1866 (Correspondent)
Virtue, George, 1793?-1868 (Addressee)
Volkonskai︠a︡, Zinaida Aleksandrovna, kni︠a︡gini︠a︡, 1792-1862 (Addressee)
Vyazemsky, Andrei, Prince, 1754-1807 (Addressee)
Walker, Thomas, 1784-1836 (Correspondent)
Wallis, Jemima Mary Gwyn, Dame, 1807-1894 (Correspondent)
Warwick, Henry Richard Greville, Earl of, 1779-1853 (Correspondent)
Watts, Alaric Alexander, 1797-1864 (Correspondent)
Watts, Walter Henry, 1776-1842 (Correspondent)
Wellington, Arthur Wellesley, Duke of, 1769-1852 (Correspondent)
Wesley, Samuel, 1766-1837 (Correspondent)
Westmacott, Richard, 1799-1872 (Correspondent)
Wilberforce, William, 1759-1833 (Correspondent)
Wilkinson, John Gardner, 1797-1875 (Correspondent)
Wilkinson, Tate, 1739-1803 (Correspondent)
William Frederick, Duke of Gloucester, 1776-1834 (Addressee)
Willis, Nathaniel Parker, 1806-1867 (Addressee)
Willock, Henry, Sir, 1790-1858 (Correspondent)
Willoughby, Nesbit Josiah, Sir, 1777-1849 (Correspondent)
Wilson, Belford Hinton, Sir, 1804-1858 (Correspondent)
Wilson, Erasmus, Sir, 1809-1884 (Correspondent)
Wilson, John, 1785-1854 (Correspondent)
Wilson, Robert, Sir, 1777-1849 (Addressee)
Wood, James, 1760-1839 (Addressee)
Wood, William, 1776 or 1777- (Correspondent)
Woodford, Alexander George, Sir, 1782-1870 (Correspondent)
Woodward, J. H. (Jonathan Henry), 1805-1879 (Correspondent)
Worthington, Hugh, 1752-1813 (Correspondent)
Carl H. Pforzheimer Collection of Shelley and His Circle (Associated name)
Drury Lane Theatre Committee (Addressee)
Elliston & John Perot (Correspondent)
Hammersley and Co. (Addressee)
Hookham and Carpenter (London, England) (Correspondent)
Knight & Freeman (Correspondent)
Longman & Co. (Addressee)
Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown (Correspondent)
Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green (Correspondent)
Manning and Mason (Correspondent)
P. & D. Colnaghi & Co. (Addressee)
Saunders and Otley (Correspondent)
Thomas Wright & Co. (Correspondent)
William and Robert Chambers (Correspondent)
Dates / Origin
Date Created: 1786 - 1851
Library locations
Carl H. Pforzheimer Collection of Shelley and His Circle
Shelf locator: Pforz MS
Porter, Jane, 1776-1850
Authors -- 19th century
Biographical/historical: Jane Porter, English novelist; Robert Ker Porter, English painter, writer, and diplomat; Anna Maria Porter, English novelist.
Physical Description
Extent: 1872 items
Type of Resource
NYPL catalog ID (B-number): b21615682
MSS Unit ID: 24637
Archives collections id: archives_collections_24637
Universal Unique Identifier (UUID): 4e92ea50-bb61-0139-c8f3-0242ac110005
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