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This collection of Maps of the World includes maps covering the all the continents and oceans together, in various two-dimensional projections, including double hemispheres, showing basic topographical features and/or, in some cases, topical themes. Maps date from the 16th century through the present day. Sectional maps from contiguous-area map series, plates from atlases, indexes, and other texts that accompany maps or that originated in atlases may also be found here. Maps depicting the World may also be found in other collections, including the Lawrence H. Slaughter Collection, the John H. Levine Collection, and the Atlases, Gazetteers, Guidebooks and Other Books collection. The maps in the Maps of the World collection have varying provenance. Some come from the Astor and Lenox libraries, which formed the foundation of NYPL's holdings; others were purchased by the Library or received as gifts from diverse sources over the years.
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